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3D-knitted circular handbags

Revolutionizing the way the handbags are created

GREEN KNIT introduces a game-changing approach to sustainable handbag design. We use the power of 3D knitting technology to create a bags body directly from 100% recycled nylon yarn in one piece - even seamlessly integrating all the pockets. Knitting directly in the right shape enables close-to-0-waste manufacturing and efficient use of resources. Each bag is a tribute for monomaterial design - supporting the future of fiber-to-fiber nylon recycling. These eco-friendly bags offer a modular organization system and transformer functionality - adapting to your needs on the go.

GREEN KNIT is on a mission to create truly sustainable handbags with customized design and throught-though interior organization. Using resource-efficient 3D knitting technology, we create bags that respect the environment without compromising aesthetics and practicality.
Kseniya Dockhorn
Kseniya is a self-taught designer and fashiontech entrepreneur with the vision to create the bag bags that combine style and practicality - all while embracing circular design. In collaboration with textile university ITA from RWTH Aachen and Austrian knitting manufacturer Kobleder she has created bags of a new dimension. While fully leveraging 3D-knitting technology on the scope that was never done before, she was able to design the first line of such bags. From “London tote” – a spacious transformer-bag with an internal organizer for any item – to cute charm “Monaco mini-bag” for earphones.
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