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Non electric modular water filter

Dodola is an installation of filtration modules which purifies water of contaminants as small as bacteria, thereby leaving behind only the desired constituents. It’s made of clay, mixed with organic material and fired in a way which increases its porosity by a manyfold. The gyroid structure which accelerates the filtration of water by increasing the available surface area of the module is achieved by 3D printing the otherwise fragile raw clay mixture. The product can transport the filtered water upwards by relying on the flow of the water meaning it can work in remote locations.

Academy of fine arts and design, Ljubljana
Pjorkkala - Žan Girandon, Pia Groleger in Luka Pleskovič
Pjorkkala is a young collective united by an irresistible curiosity for the unknown. Their practice is at the intersection of advanced technologies, sustainability and old customs. They were working on a project about food waste which was on display at Dutch design week and Barcelona design week. The latest project is participation at Production platform for Design biannual (BIO27), where they developed the Dodola. With the project they won Distributed design award, Zagreb design week award and were collaborating with Floating university in Tbilisi.
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