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Keep you spices in coconuts waste

These bio-material spice containers which we named them "BICOCO" are made of coconut wastes. Our idea is to use the same spices in the material of the container with combination of coconut waste as the principal material. The most outstanding behavior of this bio material is that using different spices in the recipe resulted in exciting color pallet which not only makes products attractive in terms of aesthetically but also each spice specifications help the user to differentiate them simply while using them. All ingredients in the recipe are naturally and easily available beside no glue used.

Sapienza università di Roma
Here you can find my Material design professor email:
Rana Shamsahmadi - Ali Ghorbani
We are a couple who met each other in the first year of university ( 2015 ) when we were studying Industrial design. We always complement each other, while I care more about aesthetic parts of projects due to my background in fine arts and Graphics design, Ali is more pragmatic and focus on functionalities. We decided to continue our studies in Italy to get inspiration from Italian design and get to know new people and cultures. Studying in Europe is full of opportunities since there is no border and we feel more freedom here. For us life is an adventure that we want to get lost in it's joys.
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