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ECOv Rapid Test

Paper RDT with simplified steps and indication

ECOv adopts biodegradable paper to replace plastic, and integrates the test stick, extract and test paper into one, which simplifies the whole cumbrous inspection process and reduces usage errors. It alleviates the problems of inconvenient use and the carbon emission caused by plastic packaging. It's designed with the timing-reaction paper strip and distribution of positive and negative, so that the users read the results in the accurate time. The stick indicates the depth of nose needed by children and adults, so that the users take the specimen and increase the accuracy of screening.

National Taipei University of Education
National Taipei University of Education is an educational university that specializes in cultivating primary school teachers. The campus has a strong humanistic and artistic atmosphere, and the classical architectural atmosphere attracts many film and television filming.
Kai-Chieh Hsueh
I study at National Taipei University of Education, and major in industrial design. I'm passionate about designing terrific products and intuitive interfaces that help people increase productivity. Before designing, I often interviewed with professionals and target customers to understand the needs of users. And also take into account the user’s needs, and always aim to create a positive user experience.
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