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Your alternative protein source to meat

Crikorama's a compact cricket farming system designed for home use. It enables individuals to "Grow - Breed - Harvest - Repeat" their own crickets as a sustainable and eco-conscious source of protein. This all-in-one machine supports the entire lifecycle of crickets, from infancy to adulthood. Users can feed the crickets with kitchen leftovers. The machine operates on a continuous cycle, making it easy to harvest them and restart the cycle with the eggs laid by the previous generation. Crikorama offers a sustainable alternative to industrial livestock farming, reducing greenhouse gas emission.

Design Academy Eindhoven
Design Academy Eindhoven is a Dutch design school that offers Bachelor's and Master's programs in various design disciplines. The academy has a focus on socially relevant design projects and encourages students to tailor their studies to their own interests and career goals. The faculty is made up of experienced designers and educators who provide guidance and support to students. To learn more about the academy and its programs, visit their website at
Kyran Knauf
Kyran, is French-German product Designer currently based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he developed Crikorama, the first homegrown cricket machine. His journey has taken him to various countries, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, the USA, Costa Rica, and Spain, providing him with a global perspective. Kyran strongly believes in the potential of design to address sustainability challenges and advocates for using creativity to build a more sustainable future.
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