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We give fibres a second life

This awning fabric uses fibres that are removed from disposal and fed into a RE-USE cycle using the Cross Fibre Process. This reduces waste and actively implements the European waste hierarchy, according to which RE-USE is preferable to RE-CYCLING. Elements OEKO-WEAVE© is finished with the PFAS-free TEXgard OEKO-CLEAN finish, which makes the fabric weatherproof. Elements OEKO-WEAVE© is a sun protection fabric made of spun-dyed acrylic and is used for folding arm awnings, pergolas & conservatory awnings, parasols or sun sails.

Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH
Designteam der Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH
Das Designteam der Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH besteht aus drei Mitarbeiterinnen unter der Leitung von Frau Cornelia Pongritz. Die Mitarbeiterinnen haben verschiedensten Background aus der Textilindustrie. Frau Pongritz ist beispielsweise bereits seit 30 Jahren als Textildesignerin bei SATTLER.
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