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100% circular sofa

EmDobro is a 100% circular sofa with timeless aesthetics and compostability.It was handcrafted as a scalable prototype that is marketable and proves that circular materials are already available. Until now, the furniture industry has caused a lot of environmental pollution, especially the waste generated by foam. EmDobro counters this by using renewable and compostable or fully recyclable raw materials.

DUBLO studio
DUBLO studio is a multidisciplinary design studio realising modern interior design pieces involving natural materials. Our process works along with and within nature towards a regenerative design process. We seek for new ways to design with natural, long lasting and reuseable materials to create functional and fun objects.
DUBLO studio
Verena Witthuhn
I am a multidisciplinary Designer and Creator of DUBLO studio. After studies of different design subjects as Fashion, Lighting And Industrial Design and some experiments in Performance Art, I decided to start working as an experimental Designer with a focus on natural materials, facing todays needs.
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