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finkid BUDDY EKO

The first upcycling school bag on the market

finkid BUDDY ECO is a satchel that is available as a 4-piece set or individually without accessories and was developed for children from 1st to 4th grade. Our satchel is made from leftover materials from other productions. This not only conserves resources during production, but also ensures a second product life cycle for the unused materials. The result is a unique patchwork look that is just as innovative as our idea of turning old into new and launching the first upcycling school bag on the market with BUDDY ECO.

finkid GmbH
finkid - Born to explore Our claim to functionality and design is characterized by our Finnish origins. The conditions in the far north inspire us and set the trend in the development of our outdoor products. This is how we create timeless products that are bursting with functionality and become companions for generations to come. And this path leads to the outdoors, that's where we come from and that's where we belong. As an outdoor label for children's clothing, we have been established on the market for decades and leading experts in functional equipment.
finkid GmbH
Vera Dawallu
Vera Dawallu, Head of Design bei finkid GmbH „Teil unserer Markenidentität ist es, so ressourcenschonend wie möglich zu arbeiten. Auch bei der Produktgestaltung von BUDDY EKO legen wir deshalb großen Wert auf einen bewussten Umgang mit Materialien. Insbesondere Upcycling hat zuvor noch nie eine so wichtige Rolle gespielt wie bei unserer Ranzen-Innovation. Die Wurzeln unseres Designverständnisses liegen in unserer finnischen Heimat. Ein Land mit starker Naturverbundenheit und typisch skandinavischer Ästhetik. Nach diesem Beispiel schaffen wir zeitlose Designs, die sowohl schön als auch funkti
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