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Praying Mantis

The passion for reusing material.

It is simple to explain in brief words. The passion for reusing material, creating value where others see waste. I love. The product in question is a lamp. It can be used indoors, by anyone looking for selective lighting. The interesting thing is that it is made up of 90% of material that was in the trash after its first use. Worthless, forgotten. Taking that material and putting it to use again, with a new face. Worthless wood and much of it Krion. Give it its final shape with heat and adapt it to the final product. What interesting work. It gives me a lot of pleasure.

Costa e Abreu
Miguel Guedes
I love creating value where others don't see it. I love being surrounded by the remains of products/works. Curious by nature, I love creating and discovering. I constantly seek continuous improvement through my passion for design. It's the line that guides me in this world. An eternal lover of nature and everything it brings. I love being a designer.
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