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Developer of symbiotic relationships with plants

Flone is a tool inspired by cherry blossom festivals able to show people those colors that only insects and few animals can see. The experience aims to educate the public about the relationship with nature that indigenous cultures have today. It combines a macro lens with a UV light to induce fluorescence, made visible even under sunlight thanks to the dark environment provided by its feathers. The form follows the spiritual functions of natural objects which have characterized ancient cultures, and it's made with organic, recyclable and bio-sourced materials.

Luigi Gisolfi Freelance
I've studied BA Product and Industrial Design at the University of the Arts of London, Central Saint Martins, based in Granary Square, London
Luigi Gisolfi
My primary objective is to create purposeful product/services/systems that fulfill the needs of users. This involves close collaboration with both end users and experts from various fields relevant to the design at hand. My passion for regenerative design has been ingrained in me since my youth, long before I even learned about the design industry. My ultimate goal is to revolutionise product innovation in a manner that fosters beneficial relationships between industries, lifestyles, and the ecosystem, ultimately creating a positive impact on our economy and environment.
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