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A bottle sharing system for tourists

The generation of single-use plastic waste increases by 30% in summer, in correlation with the seasonality of tourism. Flowing is a bottle sharing service for hotel guests that allows tourists to replace disposable plastic water bottles with reusable and returnable bottles aiming to reduce plastic waste, enhance sustainability awareness, and promote responsible travel behaviour. The project intends to connect local stakeholders within the tourism sector so that tourists can easily obtain and refill the bottles at any time and place using an application that indicates the nearest refill points.

IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
Maria Mei Bellsolà López
Maria Mei Bellsolà is an industrial design engineer, who graduated from ELISAVA in 2022 and studied a Master of Sustainable Design at IED Barcelona. Her Final Degree work has been doubly distinguished in the IF design awards and the James Dyson Award. Since the beginning of her professional career, she has come to see design as a tool for change, both for the present and the future. Taking into account the climate emergency and all the ethical-social problems of today, one of its objectives is to design for a better world.
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