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A vacuum-sealer that works with every food bag

FoodLock is a portable, innovative and sustainable vacuum sealer made out of recycled ABS, developed to solve a problem associated with traditional vacuum machines: there are too many plastic bags or containers that are only compatible with their own appliance. The idea of FoodLock is to integrate into its operation an element that is already in our homes, supporting the idea of sustainable reuse: the freezer food bag. This is possible thanks to "Locky", a cap with a vacuum valve and a snap mechanism into which the bag is inserted and locked, guaranteeing an airtight seal.

ISIA Firenze
ISIA Florence is a public university-level institute entirely dedicated to Design. It was founded in 1975 by the Ministry of University and Research and has since then offered an experimental educational model that combines practical/theoretical approach, research, interdisciplinarity, collaborations with the productive world with an active role in design culture and reflections on the importance of design in contemporary culture.
Filippo Magini, Vittorio Marini
We are Filippo Magini and Vittorio Marini, two Italian students pursuing design education in the field of product design. We attend ISIA Firenze University and we are determined to learn and seek insights from what the design journey has to deliver, developing and creating meaningful experiences in harmony with the ecosystem.
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