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Fragments of the past

Circular material from recycling of building waste

The construction industry is characterized as one of the most polluting on the planet. Construction and demolition waste (CDW) represent about one-third of all waste generated globally. "Fragments of the Past" is a material research project aimed at valorizing building waste from the perspective of upcycling, applied in the development of decorative objects. Developed from CDW (glass, stones, bricks, concrete), combined with the dust produced from cutting granite stones and a small percentage of cement, the circular material seeks to revive the history behind construction waste.

Universidade do Porto
Renowned for its academic excellence, the University of Porto (U.Porto) stands as one of the most prominent higher education institutions in Portugal.
Mayra Deberg Alencar
Mayra Deberg Alencar is an architect and urban planner who completed her Master's degree in Industrial and Product Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, under the guidance of Professor Rui Mendonça. Her research interests include eco-design, waste-based design, graphic representation, architecture and the application of sustainability principles in ecovillages.
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