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Providing solutions for dyeing in fashion industry

GROWN BLUR is a collection of algae-Ikat textile which inspired by Ikat weaving process and try to provide a solution to fashion dyeing pollution. Ikat is known for its unique way of crafting dyeing before weaving, blurred vision and extremely high artistry, and is a valuable cultural heritage. The project aims to create a collection of textiles by combining the dyeing of micro-algae by cultivating them directly on the fibers with the traditional weaving technique. The design process of the patterns draws on the principle of photosynthesis, allowing the algae to generate patterns on yarns.

central saint martins
Biodesign is an emerging discipline. Despite a growing number of publications and exhibitions, there is no universal definition of biodesign as such. Other terminologies exist, such as biophilic design, bio-integrated design, biomimetic design and bio-informed design. While they vary in definition, they all relate to a similar principle: that we can learn from nature to create more sustainable ways of living. The MA Biodesign at Central Saint Martins specifically understands biodesign as a means to incorporate the inherent life-conducive principles of biological living systems
United Kingdom
boqun huang
Boqun Huang is a multidisciplinary designer who focuses on sustainable fashion,textile and biomaterials research. Driven by her interest in microbial applications, Boqun's work has focused on microalgae and traditional crafts for the past few years. she explores the potential of microalgae and craft heritage as an innovative approach to wearable fashion.
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