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Gentleman chair

A convenient, detachable chair design

This chair can be used as a dining chair or for other seating purposes. It features sustainability and innovation in its design. The material selection includes bamboo and recyclable plastics, both of which have low environmental impacts and help reduce the consumption of natural resources. The chair's modular design makes it easier to transport and allows for the replacement of parts, extending its lifespan, reducing waste generation, and conserving resources.

Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University
Shunbin Zhou
2020 China Crystal Kirin Award Future Award Gold Award 2021 Paris DNA Design Competition WINNER, France 2021 London International Creative Design Competition Finalist 2022 London International Creative Design Competition Short list 2023NYC × Design award Winner .Top 8 of the 2021 Golden Xi Awards. 2021 Design Shanghai Top100, etc.
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