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Adjustable space divider with light

The Kokeshi space divider allows you to separate different areas indoors or outdoors, avoiding walls. It is adjustable and has ambient light. Inspired by Japanese lanterns, it is made up of a metal structure and recycled plastic panels (PS pieces discarded from the industry). It is suitable for home, offices or outdoors such as terraces. Incorporate recycled materials into daily life in a subtle way that goes unnoticed.

UNIBA Centro Universitario Internacional de Barcelona
Ester Cruz
I am a designer from Madrid (Spain) and I have always dedicated myself to the world of design, but in 2019 I went back to study to update my knowledge and dedicate myself to what I am passionate about, which is product design. My creations are of pure lines, trying to find a balance between industry and craftsmanship. Without leaving aside reinvention, I always try to improve some aspect, whether with respect to use, transportation or production. Ecodesign is beginning to be an important part of this personal and professional process.
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