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Air-purifying clothing

Greener is the world's first sustainable clothing brand whose clothes purify the air. Our garments eliminate greenhouse gases, viruses and bacteria. They are ethically made from sustainable materials and are treated with a mineral-based treatment that is responsible for purifying the air. The garments are suitable for everyone, helping to create a more sustainable and health-safe environment. We want to be an example and demonstrate that the Fashion Industry can be an engine of regeneration of the planet and not one of the most polluting.

Awesome Planet, S.L.
Greener is an ethical and sustainable clothing brand whose garments purify the air while they are being worn. When the air comes into contact with the fabric, greenhouse gases, viruses and bacteria are eliminated. Greener emerged as a way to combat climate change and help people make the world a better and safer place with a gesture as simple as getting dressed every morning. Finally, to regenerate the planet's main sources of life and oxygen, we dedicate 10% of our profits to reforesting forests in Spain and collecting plastics from seas and beaches.
Mónica Gilarranz Alba & Fernando José Pérez Rodríguez
Mónica: Física. Debido a su interés personal por el cambio climático y el planeta desde que era una niña, se ha formado en estos ambitos para poder generar un impacto positivo en el mundo. Encontrando Greener como una solución. Fernando: Ingeniero. Su filantropía le ha impulsado siempre a rodearse de personas y tratar de ayudarlas. Este camino le llevo hasta India, donde fue profesor de informática con niños y tomó la decisión de dedicar su vida a encontrar una forma crear un futuro más seguro para los niños. Llegando así a la idea de Greener.
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