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Sustainable, vegan and circular sneakers

Of the 24.2 billion pairs of shoes manufactured globally each year, 97% end up in a landfill or incinerator, This means only 3% of all sneakers are given a second life. Also Considering the fact that our Planets resources are limited, the impact on planet & people of the sneaker industry is devastating. These irreversible facts are driving us daily to create Truly Sustainable, full-circle and vegan footwear made of recycled & certified materials, produced under ethical circumstances (EU) With our ReBirth-program we collect our worn Komrads sneakers and use them to produce new raw materials.

Our planet’s resources are limited. This irreversible fact drives us to create full-circle, sustainable and vegan footwear. When we started our company we made a promise: It’s a PROMISE to produce a vegan sneaker entirely made out of recycled and reused materials, without having to harvest any natural recourses. A sneaker that didn’t involve killing or harming animals or chopping down rainforests and replacing them with huge rubber plantations. A sneaker that is a genuine solution to the problem, part of the circular economy.
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We created our products internal and this is a group's effort.
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