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Gridwise Energy Sharing

Renewable employee benefits with triple impact!

It is a service that enables companies to share their own green energy between locations and with their employees. This is visualized in a dashboard and billed between the members. It is suitable for companies that own production capacities or want to build them in the future. The sustainable aspect is, that more of the produced energy can be consumed either by the company or together with its employees. This results in a positive financial benefit for everyone involved, a sustainable benefit for the environment and a positive employer branding and employee retention.

TU Vienna
Roman Öfferlbauer, Jonathan Buchinger, Lukas Hückel
Roman is a Physics and Energy Engineering student with an affinity for energy communities and relevant concepts and components. Jonathan is a tech-savvy Technical Informatics student responsible for the technical implementation of our service. Lukas is a Mechanical Engineer with experience in product and software development. Together we finished the entrepreneurial program at the TU Vienna, called the Extended Study on Innovation which consecutively led to being accepted into the TU Vienna i2c incubator with the idea.
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