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Modular Shelter

Modular emergency shelter with deployable tents

Emergency shelter of modular character that has deployable arms to form tents. It is designed for earthquakes that affect southern Chile, so this emergency shelter is foldable, transportable and modifiable depending on the configuration of the territory and needs of the community. This project is intended to be produced by the Government of Chile, based on the criticism that exists towards its current emergency shelters. Due to the changing nature of the country, the deployable tents are made of biodegradable materials so that, at the time of migration, only the modular shelter is transported.

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
The Adolfo Ibáñez University is one of the top universitys of Chile. I´m currently studying two carrers; economics and design ingeenering.
Jan Siebert, Macarena Pinedo & Ángela Valenzuela
The three of us are fellow Design Engineering and Commercial Engineering students with a master's degree in Marketing. Other architectural projects we have done have been, for example, designing a modular house for people with low resources that satisfies different needs of the environment, which was chosen by the organization TECHO CHILE to be manufactured throughout all the low resources towns of the country.
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