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Growable Graphics

A sustainable signage system

Growable Graphics is a signage concept for temporary events such as exhibitions. The hexagon-shaped wood tiles are covered with local moss and lichen species and can get used for letters, numbers, arrows and other shapes. Improving the local biodiversity, the tiles live on the venue's rooftop over the year and get harvested for the events. Thanks to the wood's geometric shape, they can get arranged and combined in an endless variety. The tiles can get used over and over without creating any waste, while hopefully sucking in more carbon than their production would have emitted.

Middlesex University London
MA Graphic Design at Middlesex University challenges, transforms and collaborates with contemporary design practice within a social context. Research methodology, critical enquiry, analytical practice and an engagement in current theory and practice will inform the development of the major project.
United Kingdom
Trixi Marx
Trixi is a German graphic designer based in London, designing at the intersection of modern challenges and sustainability.
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