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Creating a sustainable coloration system

Syluxia, Latin for « fusion and light », mimics an optical phenomenon observed on living species to create colors. This process uses a renewable resource (cellulose) which is combined to nanotechnology to create a flexible colored bio-film that is compatible with many materials. We aim to source wasted cellulosic fibers from the textile or food industry. Besides fashion, industries as automotive/aerospace and architecture might benefit from it. Reducing our reliance on petroleum-based dye processes to decrease chemical pollution in water, air and soil from the dyeing industry is our challenge.

Central Saint Martins
United Kingdom
Célina Camboni
Célina is specialised in luxury and fashion management with an expertise in innovative textile and biological design. Through her practice, Célina advocates for a more sustainable fashion future situating herself as part of the emerging bioluxury landscape. Passionate about the relationship between materials and emotion, she illustrates a poetic and sensitive approach to biodesign through her colorful, textured and fanciful creations.
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