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Gut zu Vögeln

Safer sex for species conservation

Gut zu Vögeln is a holistically conceived, environmentally friendly contraceptive condom start-up that aims to sensitise Generation Y & Z to the decline of wild bird species in Germany in a humorous way. The contents of a condom pack are twelve condom cups, a sachet of bird's meadow seeds and a leaflet. A portion of the proceeds from each pack goes to a conservation project for birds and their habitats. QR codes on the website and social media encourage people to get involved with the issue and point to simple ways of taking action to protect species at home.

ecosign - Akademie für Gestaltung Köln
Catharin Meierhöfer & Michelle Feldschur
Catharin Meierhöfer, M.A. Sustainable Design (2022) Focus: Product design, interdisciplinary Motivation: To see design as a tool with which the world can be positively influenced and changed. Wishes for the (design) world: Will to change, more courage and holistic design with understanding. Michelle Feldschur, M.A. Sustainable Design (2022) Focus: Communication design, illustration Motivation: To contribute to the preservation of our environment through appealing design. Wishes for the (design) world: More timeless aesthetics with kick & sustainability reference.
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