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Idol pushes the boundaries of acoustics

Idol is an ensemble of three phono-absorbing sculptures designed by Isabella Del Grandi for Slalom with the intention of pushing the boundaries of acoustics with an eclectic touch, vehiculating new symbolic meanings. The re-interpretation of primitive shapes gives life to a series of contemporary totems, consisting in an assemblage of non-traditional geometries in balance with each other. The diverse nature of the fabrics together with the precise study of colours combines into a multisensorial experience when interacting with the product and build of an imaginary landscape.

Slalom srl
Slalom Acoustic & partition systems is an italian company producing sound-absorbing products, able to guarantee a safe acoustic comfort together with a unique design of its kind. The peculiar characteristic of Slalom is the sustainable approach to the project, from the choice of raw materials, recycled and recyclable, to the production and management process with reduced environmental impact.
Isabella Del Grandi
Multifaceted architect and designer, she trained at Politecnico di Milano and TUDelft and, years of experience in Holland,she returned to Milan where she moved into the folds of design by founding her own professional studio. From architecture and interiors she opens up to product design and scenography. Moving between different scales and disciplines, she has developed a professional approach aimed at building narratives with attention to the circularity of materials. One above all:recycled pet becomes oniric environments and contentemporary sculptures.
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