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The fantasy of a safari at home

It is a three-dimensional puzzle. It is made of cardboard, mostly boxes from large household appliances. The collection of cardboard, its manipulation and not its transformation makes it sustainable, its assembly system encourages the activation of cognitive aspects of the youngest, favouring their constructive and creative abilities by being able to reinterpret it.

EASD Valencia
University of art and design, is located in the historic center of Valencia. Old school of arts and crafts, from where designers, artists and craftsmen of multiple disciplines have emerged. This year with Valencia as the capital of design, there are constant public events, from workshops, conferences, to exhibitions with the support of national and international companies, as well as design professionals, students or individuals participating in teaching the world that design is on the rise , this is one of those projects carried out by Javier Orts, a product design student.
EASD Valencia
Javier Orts
Javier Orts, product designer by the EASD Valencia. His interest in recycling is routine, his research is profound, he gives meaning to the improvement of the world by contributing his grain of sand. He is characterized by working with his own hands, always asking and learning from everyone around him.
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