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Green Packaging Reuse System

Buying and building furniture from such markets as IKEA can be an exciting, but also exhausting experience. And in the end you have a lot of empty packaging laying around in your apartment. So much waste! What to do with it? What if IKEA offered a reusable and adjustable packaging solution with recycled and sustainable materials? Furthermore, the „Green Packaging Reuse System“ introduces the packaging to a closed loop – a Circular Product System that not only saves on resources, energy and money – it makes the whole process much more convenient for the user.

HTW Berlin
Aurelian Edelann, Hanne Wandrey, Kristina Shantsyna, Hamad Arabi
„Designing sustainable future“ class. Project by Aurelian Edelann, Hanne Wandrey, Kristina Shantsyna, Hamad Arabi. Completed in Wintersemester 2020/21. Supervised by Tapani Jokinen. Industrial Design, HTW Berlin
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