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What if fish could speak?

Neaho is an exciting and new radical approach for tackling water pollution which allows anyone to passively engage in collecting vital environmental data for waterways whilst doing their favorite water-based hobby. An intelligent tow float dry bag records and distributes open-source water quality data alerting communities as it is pulled along bridging the gaps between concerned citizens, hobbyists, scientists, and grassroots activism.

Royal College of Art & Imperial College London
United Kingdom
Ryan McClure
Originally from Northern Ireland, Ryan McClure comes from a multidisciplinary engineering background specialising in Mechatronics and Systems Design Engineering and has been involved in different areas of Environmental Activism. Extremely passionate about the natural world, Ryan's projects usually have a strong undertone relating to tackling problems related to climate change and bringing people together building powerful communities. Ryan aims to foster new ways of solving problems through the convergence of emerging technologies, science, and radical community-led projects.
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