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Recycling textiles into a plastic alternative

The disruptive impact of landfilled textile waste and the increasing GHG emissions are two major challenges, we are facing right now. Kleiderly offers a solution by recycling pre- or post-consumer textiles into a multipurpose plastic-alternative. Kleiderly effectively saves 2.5kg of CO2e for every kilogram of material used, in comparison to oil based plastics. Our material can be used in existing machinery to produce anything from furniture to eyewear. The material can re-enter the cycle multiple times, without losing quality and therefore create a circular economy.

Kleiderly GmbH
Kleiderly GmbH
Alina Bassi
Alina Bassi has a first class Masters in Chemical Engineering, with +7 years experience in design and build of factories that process waste into fuel or new materials. After seeing textile waste first hand during a trip to Tanzania, she decided to focus on this waste stream. Besides this, she was listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in the Manufacturing and Industry category, and can be seen in publications such as Vogue and Wired. She is an advocate for women in STEM, and is empowering diverse women of colour entrepreneurs with Founderland.
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