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Recycled Garment Waste Fabric

Working with a woman-owned mill, Melange Check, Wool Fleck and Graph Speck are designed by woman-led Tick Studio for Luum with 100% pre- and post-consumer recycled garment waste using European fiber recycling traditions. Each intricate yet coordinating colorway begins when discarded garments and post industrial textile waste are shredded back into fiber, spun together to create complex melange yarns. Dimensional color interactions emerge in the weaving process resulting in a soft, woolen textile that minimizes environmental impact, and is suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

United States
Suzanne Tick
Suzanne Tick maintains a distinguished career as a CEO, textile designer, weaver and Vedic Meditation teacher in New York City and is currently the Creative Director at Luum and Design Partner with Skyline Design. She is known for her intelligent and enthusiastic approach to design in evolving markets, as well as her conviction to provide innovative solutions with a nod towards sustainability and wellness.
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