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Komposta is a cooker hood with a smart soul

Komposta is able to cook or transform fruit and vegetable waste into compost by harnessing the heat produced by the cooktop. Thanks to thermoventilation system and by automatic rotation of an internal perforated container there's complete aeration of food and waste. The target customers are: kitchen retailers, artisans and producers of medium-high range kitchens. Energy efficiency due to recovery of heat from the cooktop-reduction of the environmental impact due to the elimination of the transport of damp to landfills-savings of up to 30% on the waste disposal tax.

The health of mankind and the planet is at the top of our business model. We develop and engineer innovating domestic and urban solutions on a human scale that, if implemented on a collective extent, can create a big impact. Since 2015, we’ve been a fixed presence at the largest exhibitions of innovation of Italy, showcasing our technological solutions for the optimization of the use of natural resources.
Alfonso Coppola
Alfonso Coppola (CEO Founder of Rithema – Electronic Engineer, Innovative projects developer, Programmer): born in 1991 he graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University "La Sapienza" Rome, with an experimental thesis on an innovative electronic device, he is the winner of several awards and publications and is the inventor and developer of Komposta Passionate about science and innovation, he dedicates has time to development of technological and innovative solutions that improve the life of man and the planet.
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