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The most complete solution for electric vehicles

LetMeCharge is an all-in-one solution for electric vehicle owners. Our app has aggregated over 20 electric charging applications making it easy to find, book, charge and pay all in one place. We also install chargers at homes and public spaces and streamline the process for business' fleets, putting all their invoices in one location rather than split across multiple platforms.

LetMeCharge is a company that offers complete electric mobility solutions (SaaS / B2B), aggregating more than 20 electric charging applications and putting them in one place (its own app). It also installs public and home charging points and connects businesses to the international electric charging network.
Uliana Torkunova
Uliana is passionate about technology and connected cars. She she a founder of connected mobility companies LetMePark and LetMeCharge. She was awarded TOP 100 Women Leaders in Spain in 2023, also as Founder of the Year Spain by Global Startup Award in 2021, Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2020 by Madrid City Council and ASEME. Uliana has been included in the guide of Women References in Innovative Entrepreneurship in Spain published by the High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation. In addition, Uliana is an international speaker, TedX speaker, author of "Entrepreneurial Mindset" course
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