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Coffee cup and saucer made of spent coffee grounds

Our product is a set of cups and saucers made of bio-based plastic containing spent coffee grounds (SCGs). The product provides a solution for café-goers who value a green life and entrepreneurs and café owners looking for an environmentally friendly function for their cafeterias. From environmental sustainability and innovation aspects, we reduce waste by reusing SCGs as materials to make new cups and saucers. Nevertheless, it is also innovative as the material of our products is safer, lighter, and has better thermal insulators than ceramic cups.

LesPol provides environmental solutions and promotes sustainability by developing and manufacturing eco-friendly materials and products. Our trajectory of developing quality and eco-friendly materials dates back many years. To expand our impact, we founded our company in 2023 to further incorporate our innovative materials into consumer products. Leveraging our distinguished technology, we will be industry leaders in the sustainability business. Our materials are applicable to diverse sectors, including food containers, baby and pet products, buildings, house and car interiors, and fuel.
South Korea
Yungeon Jo
Yungeon Jo holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Jeonju University in South Korea. He has extensive designing-related experience previously working at the Car Exterior Team of GM Korea, the H&A Digital Engineer Team of LG Electronics Inc., the Beauty Appliance Development Team of Kumho Electricity, and the robot products development team of Chooyong E&C Co., Ltd. His areas of expertise are product-designing including container design such as cups and saucers, industrial equipment designing, and interaction designing (User Interface and User Experience Design).
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