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Paperpaste mannequins, the most sustainable ever

This is a paperpaste mannequin, a truly innovation challenge both for the elements used; recycled paper and cellulose, and for its exclusive moulding technology. On the other hand it embraces the circular economy from all sides, production process, materials used, supply chain and local manufacturing in Europe. The first full body mannequin was presented by Pasqual Arnella and Penther Mannequins at ISPO Tradeshow 2019, after a long journey of investigations, development, passion and above all, consistency (and lots of: you can't ;) We are paperpaste; shaping nature, moulding future.

Pasqual Arnella is the house of paperpaste, a truly sustainable alternative to develop all kind of products. Paperpaste is a nature-based material made out of cellulose, a renewable resource that we recycle and shape through our exclusive molding technology. We offer a new company vision combining proximity and professionality, we are not featured by global trends, we might be unorthodox and homespun, as long as the result is functional and honest. Pasqual Arnella, shaping nature since 1892, moulding the future for ever #wearepaperpaste
Martí and Ramón Pasqual
Self-made workman, creative, passionate and multifaceted. Confirmed background in manufacturing, project management and communication. Strengths:Insightful, organized, implacable. Weaknesses:Perfectionist, ambivalent, a lot to learn :) Philosophy: Positivity, freedom. The assembling of the different parts of the mannequin were done in the shadows for different reasons, nights, days off and weekends
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