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Making Do

Deconstructing waste & reconstructing community

Occupying a disused grain silo in London's Docklands, this proposal utilises the derelict, industrial fabric of the past and celebrates the hands-on spirit of the site's history. Reinvigorating the former factory as a means to deconstruct local discarded ceramic objects and surrounding building waste such as bricks, tiles and concrete to be used as new material for a nexus of experimental ceramic-making workshops. Using rubble from the area to construct and shape the future of the area; the deconstruction of waste in the reconstruction of community.

Kingston School of Art
Kingston School of Art is one of the UK’s leading art and design educational institutions, with some courses having a worldwide reputation.
United Kingdom
Amy Brown
A highly motivated, socially-conscious young designer, recently graduated from Kingston School of Art with First Class Honours in Interior Design. Her work focuses on the loss of craft & architecture’s potential for social change, alongside the complexities of site and region, form & space, culture and community. Following a fast-paced & pivotal time at university & an education focussed on circular economy, she is stimulated by innovative solutions that are socially & environmentally beneficial, alongside collaborative, community-driven projects that reconnect people to their surroundings.
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