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Menstrual Matter Jewels

Menstrual blood rings to empower and break taboos

An innovative concept aimed at challenging the taboo surrounding menstruation. It involves creating a collection of jewelry using menstrual blood as a material, breaking stigmas associated with periods. It seeks to revalue menstrual blood as a resource for product design and manufacturing, particularly through a collection of rings. By experimenting with biologically based materials, the project merges art and science, pushing the boundaries of body materiality. The proposal's sustainability lie in its unconventional use of taboo materials and its potential to provoke meaningful social impact.

Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
Laia Tort Solsona
I'm Laia Tort Solsona, a passionate and dynamic multidisciplinary designer and product engineer hailing from Barcelona. At the age of 24, I have already made my mark in the design industry and achieved significant milestones. Having recently graduated in Product Design and Industrial Design Engineering from Elisava, I had the honour of conducting my final thesis in collaboration with Adidas Maker Lab and Elisava Research. This exceptional opportunity enabled me to explore groundbreaking concepts and push the boundaries of innovation.
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