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Micro Deluxe Eco LED Scooters

Kids scooters made from discarded maritime waste

The next step in the design evolution of the much-loved Mini and Maxi Micro scooters. Eco-friendly scooters with decks made from discarded maritime waste and battery-free, light up wheels powered by the induction energy created as kids scoot. Swiss designed and engineered using only the finest parts, Micro Scooters are built to last – made with replaceable parts and adjustable handlebars these scooters will grow with a child and can be passed on, never needing to end up in landfill. Certified Carbon Neutral in the UK & Ireland. Suitable for 2-5-years-olds (Mini) and 5–12-year-olds (Maxi).

Micro Scooters Ltd
We’re on a mission to make everyday journeys better.​ Better for today’s families. Better for our world.​ We think riders of all ages should be able to move their own way.​ And we think moving without limit starts by thinking without limit.​ Asking questions. Imagining possibilities. ​ Transforming the everyday. ​ It’s where our Micro journey began. ​ It’s what drives us forward.​ It’s the reason we will never stand still.​ People powered. Planet friendly. In it for the long haul. ​ ​Micro Scooters. ​ Made for adventure. Built to last.
United Kingdom
Wim Ouboter
Wim Ouboter designed the first folding aluminium scooter 20 years ago to cover short distances quickly and conveniently. Fast forward nearly a quarter of a century and his design genius has resulted in the multi award winning Micro children’s range - used by millions on the school run every single day. His innovative thinking, quest for something more and design genius resulted in him being named as one of the Top 10 toy inventors of all time.
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