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Wooden Smart Phone Cases

Smart phone cases made from 100% recycled wood

This is Bark Sweden smartphone cases, made of 100% Swedish waste wood. We’ve developed a brand new way of turning waste wood into protective, sustainable and beautiful smartphone cases. Every year tons of hardwood is cut down in urban areas for natural reasons and often burnt or shredded. Many of these trees are old and have amazing patterns. Our production takes place in a family-owned factory outside Stockholm in Sweden. Our smartphone cases have unique design features and functionalities with a thin profile of only 2.5 mm. We offer a beautiful, durable and sustainable smart phone case.

Bark Sweden
Bark Sweden manufactures precision products from wood and combines engineering with carpentry. Our goal is to replace plastic products by instead creating them in 100% wood - from waste wood from Swedish green areas. First to market are ours innovative screen covers that are highly appreciated and have been sold to over a thousand customers. We have developed a completely new method to recycle wood into impact-resistant, durable and beautiful mobile phone cases. Because we manufacture in our own premises without any subcontractors the margins are good and we can compete with imported plastic.
Bark Sweden
Frida Lilliestråle & Richard Lilliestråle
We who stand behind and have founded Bark Sweden are Frida and Richard Lilliestråle. Frida is a graphic designer with a passion for environmental aspects. Frida has worked at several companies with marketing and experienced a constant frustration with the wear and tear culture. She has a dream of working on something that makes the world a better place. Richard is a civil engineer and has a lot of experience in developing products for others. Now he finally has developed something for himself. Frida and Richad are complementing each other and have created something they are really proud of.
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