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Monterey®5 iST FixSafe™ i-Size

Sustainable child seat with a mobility guarantee

The concept of the Monterey® 5 iST FixSafe™ i-Size child seat has been designed to meet changing mobility needs and a growing need for sustainable products. An 8-year usage period, approx. 40 litres less transportation volume, 1000 grammes less packaging material and 2000 grammes less material compared to its predecessor and competitors' products, type-separable parts and the option of easy and practical transportation by hand, on your back, in the car boot or luggage compartment making the Monterey 5 a truly sustainable safety and mobility product.

whiteID GmbH & Co.KG
Andreas Hess, Sebastian Schnabel, Max Nutsch, Martin Kreis
whiteID is synonymous with integrated design – product development from the initial idea through to start of production. The core that describes our thinking is "sense". Thanks to far more than a decade of success in product development, whiteID has become a reliable business partner with in-depth knowledge and interdisciplinary skills for companies in Europe, the USA and Asia that focus on relevant product design and meaningful product development. WhiteID can provide integrated product development, thanks to our in-depth understanding of industrial needs.
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