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The first Dutch desposit (pfand) chair

Circuform aims to minimise the use of expensive new raw materials and to maximise reuse. It relaunched design by Ineke Hans from 2011: REX. The design has constructively been worked out as intended. The injection molds are re-engineered for recycled material (PA6), the chair is sustainable and fully recyclable. With REX a network of deposit stations is introduced where chairs can be brought back for a guaranteed € 20 refund. Returned chairs are checked, cleaned, repaired if necessary and re-sold, again with a deposit. Broken chairs are shredded into valuable raw material for new production.

Ineke Hans
Since graduating at the RCA in London Dutch Ineke Hans designs furniture, products, exhibitions and spaces with content. She explores new design strategies and works for clients, communities and leading international manufacturers on product typologies to fit our future social context. She worked over 25 years with recycled materials and on efficient material use 2015: start of London Salons on ‘The future of furniture design & the changing position of the designer’ concluded with pamphlet ‘Explore & Act’ 2017: professor Design & Social Context at UdK Berlin focussed on design & climate change
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