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Mr. Kombucha’s Lab

Leather alternatives in the kitchen

SCOBY material can replace leather and plastic in some aspects. “Mr. Kombucha's Lab” is an open-source platform based on SCOBY. It aims to instruct people to use SCOBY to DIY daily necessities to reduce the use of leather and plastic. The whole work consists of four parts. They are experimenting, breeding, creating, and sharing. Currently, the work has designed and completed various kinds of SCOBY manufacturing and application processes, including the domestic incubator which can produce standard SCOBY, 6 bags made from SCOBY, an online sharing website, and held a DIY workshop for SCOBY bags.

The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) is the only institution of higher education for fine arts under the administration of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. The academy is committed to building a discipline structure of modern education for fine arts where disciplines such as plastic arts, design, architecture, and humanities support and influence each other. CAFA has become a leading academy in the field of high education for fine arts in China as well as plays an important role in the world-class fine arts schools.
Xuewei Zhao
Xuewei Zhao is a Ph.D. candidate in design at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, with her main research interests in sustainable design, product design, etc. Mr. Kombucha‘s Lab has already been exhibited in several green-material-related exhibitions in China, and the designer herself is also dedicated to promoting SCOBY materials through workshops.
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