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Play & plant! Where nothing is left behind

Did you know that the baby products industry is the most plastic intensive industry in the world? re•born is a collection of fully biodegradable baby items that can be discarded guilt free or simply planted, providing nutrients for the soil. Made out of new bio material nuxit®, using local organic waste source - walnut shells, it aims to educate kids about tactility and materiality. Baby products are ephemeral items that are quickly outgrown - re•born is challenging the industry with introducing a low-impact educational baby products, aiming to reach environmentally responsible consumers.

MA Architect and MA Material Designer from Slovenia with a focus on sustainable and natural materials with a positive impact. Her work includes large scale architectural projects, individual housing projects, product design and material design projects. Always finding inspiration in nature, she is constantly combining architecture with other creative disciplines. She is interested in ideas of honesty, value, interdisciplinarity and she believes in chananging today for better tomorrow. Her light KUBIS was awarded and exhibited in Milano Design Week in 2021.
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