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Non-electric cooling option

Muri is a compact, low-tech, alternative cooling system which can refrigerate your fruits and vegetables without any energy consumption – and therefore no waste. Muri is an elegant and compact solution which most users would be proud to integrate on their kitchens’ countertops or floors. It is a low-maintenance alternative to existing solutions which don’t require daily intervention from their users, where the product is mostly autonomous and can “self-feed” as needed, It is composed of readily-available and accessible materials, which can be easily assembled and maintained by their users.

Punctuate Design
Thibault Lerailler, Tara Harb, Hugo Le Roux, Philippe Marchand, Valentine Chipault
Punctuate Design Studio is a product design and industrial design studio focused on the development of sustainable products and solutions. We help design tomorrow's products for our customers! Our main objective is to reduce the environmental impact of our clients' products through design, knowing that 80% of the environmental impact of a product is determined during the design phase. We guide our clients in their eco-design project and dedicate our time in creating circular solutions and products.
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