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Saving billions of kilos of material each year

#GREENGRIDZ is a circular furniture construction panel. The innovative lightweight construction consists of a patented GRID. This makes the panel super stiff, does not warp and is very strong. Depending on the thickness 60 – 90% less material is needed and CO2 emissions are 60% lower than traditional solid panels. At the end of life, the panels are returned. Through a revolutionary pyrolysis process they turn into active carbon for the production of water and air filters. A closed raw materials loop where waste from the furniture industry forms the raw material for the purification industry.

With revolutionary innovations and groundbreaking techniques, TRIBOO transforms 'worthless' waste streams of plastics and natural fibers into 'valuable' circular office furnishings. TRIBOO makes an impact by designing offices in a circular manner and aims to radically change the furniture industry and make it more sustainable.
Marc van der Heijden
It is my passion to make complex puzzles simple. I am driven by the positive energy of people who see opportunities. This delivers more value and returns for organizations that want to excel and innovate. My motto: there is no such thing as impossible. With that in mind, I facilitate people and get them moving. From thinking to just doing.
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