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One filter is forever

We redefine the way we drink water through an innovative, patented, 100% plastic-free, 100% recyclable, regenerable, and non-disposable filtration system. "Claysilite" technology has been applied to the company's first product, MY Idra, a personal-use filter bottle that allows people to drink good, pure water at home and in the office, eliminating the need to buy plastic bottles or disposable filters, which are also made of plastic and developed with the help of resins, harmful to the environment and people.

Idra Water srl
We redefine the way we drink water through an innovative 100% plastic-free, regenerable, non-disposable filtration system.
Idra Water srl
Valentina Vecchia & Fabrizio Boscolo
Valentina and Fabrizio are both CEO and Co-founders of Idra Water. Valentina graduated in Idustrial Design in 2013 from the IED in Turin and worked in Milan, Turin and later in China, where, first as an employee of a design studio and then as an entrepreneur, founding a design studio together with Fabrizio, she developed and consolidated her skills. Fabrizio graduated in Sustainable Transportation Mobility in 2013 from IAD Turin. He has worked in the best automobile and product design studios in Turin and Shanghai and currently provides also design consultancy to "Lamborghini" company.
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