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Mycolor - waste recovery

Sustainable kids colors from waste recovery

What if there is the possibility of getting a more careful way of seeing things? From parents to kids and vice versa seeing things as a game and getting knowledge from playing with nature. A blog from the need to know how to make the difference, posted recipes to create green colors for kids with his own food waste. Learning while playing, that is the main focus of this concept. Ever more frequently kids are bored to study in the traditional way, so why don’t we try to help them in a more thrilling way? From this observation the idea of the game, kids always pay attention to games.

IUAV University
Bachelor degree in product and visual design in IUAV University
Alexia Fincato
I’m Alexia, I have a bachelor degree in Product and Visual Design in Iuav University (Venice). My aim as a designer is to help our planet and people living on it. We all are living in an important phase, the climate emergency, and we all have the duty of making something to get better. Even if people know this delicate situation because news do not lack, they tend to “forget” about it in everyday life, wasting more than what they should. My purpose is to make something for them and for everyone, trying to work on this forgetfulness in order to get a more aware society.
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