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MySol 3.5k

2nd life energy storage

MySol 3.5k is a modular backup battery tailored for Africa’s energy needs. Designed for Manufacturing in Africa, it utilises 100% repurposed lithium cells, offering affordability and reducing electronic waste. Resource efficiency is heightened by second-life battery-management systems from older devices, improving sustainability. The compression-based electrical contact ensures easy repairability, extending its lifespan. The enclosure is extruded from recycled ABS plastic sourced from old devices, further underlining the commitment to a greener future.

University of Turku
The University of Turku is an active academic community of 25000 students and personnel in Finland.
Christoph Konheisner
Christoph Konheisner, born in 1998, studied Industrial Design (bachelors) in Austria and Embedded System in the EIT masters programme in Italy and Finland. This project is was master thesis and it was done in cooperation with ENGIE Energy Access, a prominent mini-grid and off-grid Pay-As-You-Go solar energy company in Africa. University of Turku supervisor: Dr. Tomi Westerlund Company supervisors: Raphaël Guiollot, Max Schmidt
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