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A new concept for cup noodles packaging

The project consist in a new concept for the "noodles in a cup" packaging focused in reducing the carbon footprint in transportation. The packaging has a significant connection to design and visual arts. Inspired by modern East Asian culture, the brand forms a connection with a young and creative audience. With the implementation of the Kresling origami method the packaging maintains a reduced mass in transportation and easier stacking. When bought it, expands to be later consumed. Also because of its materials it is totally compostable, "from the shelve to the earth".

ied Barcelona
Graphic design student from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently in 4th year at IED Barcelona.
A 22 year old graphic design student from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who is currently studying at the Instuto Europeo del Diseño (IED) in Barcelona. Loves photography, crafts and enjoys looking for unexpected solutions and ideas to develop and explore, always eager to learn, experiment, discover and face new challenges on the way.
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