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Pinatex elephant headdress with automated trunk

A 10-piece Elephant Herd created and donated by Kalikas Armour, constructed in house in metallic black and pearl Pinatex "pineapple leather" with an semi -automated trunk finished with recycled textiles with gold rings signifying the importance of creating, maintaining and renewing new sustainable life. NAMASTE II raised £75K a total of £2 Million raised at the Animal Ball creating a ball of Couture animals and creatures to highlight, raise awareness, open dialogue and raise vital funds for endangered species for COEXISTENCE.

Kalikas Armour
United Kingdom
Kalikas Armour
Jatin Patel- Kalikas Armour
A British luxury slow fashion brand, creative consultancy and construction studio. Specialising in direct-to-client, made-to-measure garments, select RTW collections and cross disciplinary collaborations with prominent charitable and social organisations. Steered by Creator Jatin Patel, A British Man with Indian heritage with over 25 years’ experience, utilises fashion as a vehicle to address real-life issues and open dialogue for positive change building a community of empowerment, focusing on sustainability not only in the materials but also the practices, processes and peoples.
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