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Ocean Classic Backpack

Carry the future: your eco-adventure ocean bag!

Elevate your style with purpose through the Ocean Classic Backpack by deya Taiwan. Crafted from recycled ocean plastics, this eco-chic accessory not only reduces carbon emissions by 65% but also aligns with ESG principles. Embracing a circular economy concept, the Ocean Classic Backpack is designed for reuse and recycling, proving that fashion can be both stylish and environmentally responsible. Join us in the journey towards sustainable fashion—a stylish choice that resonates with your eco-conscious values.

Taiwan boutique brand "deya", named after the Taiwanese "bag", specializes in creating functional bags with professional knowledge and wide experience. “Functional, Eco-friendly, dream big and creative” are core values of deya. Our bags go beyond style, featuring utilizing recycled plastics/materials in our backpacks and bags, we strive to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution and contribute to the health of our oceans. Collaborate with suppliers and motivate consumers a vision of a sustainable future.
Neng-Chun, Hsu
Embark on the sustainable design journey with our visionary team at deya Taiwan. For over 7 years, our design team has passionately crafted eco-conscious solutions. Recognized with accolades such as the Taiwan Excellence Award, The National Brand Yusan Award, and global recognition from Concours Lepine International Pairs. Selected as a member of the Taipei Select Plan in 2022 and nominated on Circular Taiwan Network, these honors spotlight our dedication to sustainable and ESG development. These recognitions underscore our mission to lead the way in creating a stylish, greener future.
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