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Metal-coated textiles with unique visual effects

The research uses magnetron sputtering coating technology to place very thin, nano-scale, metal films onto textiles. It is the very first to integrate material science, engineering and manufacturing for new lustrous textiles without any discharge and pollution. The material properties of air permeability, water repellency, radiation shielding, and deodorization have been examined in the research work. Industries customers enjoy a unique product, with previously unavailable aesthetic qualities. Further environmental benefits include no dust emissions, chemical odor, and industrial waste.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a world leading university with world-class research in multiple disciplines, making bold advances to break new ground. PolyU ranks among the world’s top 100 institutions. To lead the industry in creating societal impacts and providing solutions that exploit the research excellence, and to be the leader in the fields of fashion, textiles and design. Guangdong Rising Well Science & Technology Co., Ltd. contributes to the sustainable development of textiles. Their nanotechnology textiles received certificates by LGAI Technology Center (APPLUS) and awarded Top 10 project of the Advanced Future Technology Competition organized by Chinese Academic of Sciences 2018.
Kinor JIANG and Jing LIU
Kinor JIANG is a textile creator who has achieved research breakthroughs on non-aqueous coating design system for textile production and the applications in fashion. The novel design approach has opened a new route to improve textile functional properties and enhance fabric aesthetics. Jing LIU is a fashion designer. As a pioneer in the field of contemporary fashion art, she carries forward eastern aesthetics and injects innovative creation into traditional production processes by exploring fabric-making techniques.
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